Static Websites


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This would be suitable for first-time website owners as well as small business owners that only deliver periodic website changes.

Static Websites

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    Workflow & Milestones

    Understanding what your website does

    Our first approach would be to understand what exactly your website does and how it functions. We also need to understand how your business/organisation operates offline because by this, we would be able to identify the pain points of the website in order to prepare for our maintenance activities.

    We would share with you a form, which is precisely a template brief. You where you would get to fill this form to give us a complete explanation of your aim for opting for a maintenance plan. We want to get to know your objectives and goals, where you want to get with having a recurring website maintenance, and to make sure you are requesting the right service from us.

    Recurring tasks

    This basically includes updates and maintenance. We will perform the tasks required by your website. These tasks are performed on all platforms from WordPress website, Shopify, Magento to custom coded websites

    Monthly Reporting

    Every month we will present to you your Website Maintenance report. You will receive detailed reports of every activity performed on your website within the given month.